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The main goal of the research was to confirm or refute the positive influence of music on a human being. Ann Johnson, Ph.D., states that everything we hear around us is not just sound waves of different amplitude. According to her words, every wave includes some "emotional substance" that defines the way we perceive it on subliminal level.
The other participant of the research team, John Robertson, Ph.D. says that even sounds we do not actually pay attention to, are very important to the sonic perception of the environment. Moreover, music we listen to defines our mood and some streaks of our character.

"We created two groups, each consisting of 10 volunteers aged from 15 to 60. Representatives of the first group listened to fast-paced, merry and cheerful music of various genres", says Mr. Robertson. Then he added that the second group was given heavy electronic and rock music as well as classic yet a bit gloomy melodies to listen to.

The results of research confirm what all music fans have already guessed:

  1. As each group went through a constantly increasing amount of "music therapy", the scientists made a suggestion that amount of music you listen to during a day, only increases its influence on you.
  2. The emotional impact can be positive and negative - it depends on what kind of music you listen to (though even Metalcore and Dubstep may benefit to the way you feel).
  3. You can select music according to your own tastes, but don't forget to pay attention to the feelings of the people around you - remember that tastes differ.

We will keep you informed about further interesting researches of Seattle Scientific Company.

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